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Gregor Boats, begun in 1964 by George Gregory, is a manufacturer of high-quality aluminum boats. The company is based out of California, where Gregor produces a fully-welded aluminum hull which ensures a solid and durable construction. Their patented THERMOTROL process, used since they were founded, reduces stress to produce a solid aluminum frame.

Gregor’s design team has over 50 years of combined experience constructing boats, and they engineer the craft from bow to stern to achieve the highest quality result. A Gregor boat design not only encompasses the hull construction, but also a variety of features based on the intended use, which varies from seas to rivers. Gregor boats are typically sold from the company as the hull and internal components only, without the engine. This process allows for greater customization by the consumer, who can choose from a wide range of styles and layouts.


New models range from $3,000 to $20,000, and used Gregor boats are available from $2,000 to $16,000.


  • Gregor is one of the most experienced aluminum builders in the industry.
  • Layouts are designed for models from fishing to commercial use, and Gregor’s product line ranges from blue-water fishers to boats designed for lakes and rivers.
  • Unlike many other aluminum boats, in which pieces are riveted together, Gregor welds the joints, eliminating rivets below the waterline.


  • Gregor offers a limited range of sizes and options. The craft are primarily designed for fishing.

Featured Models

Multi-Species Fishing - H-22-15, H-22, H-42L, H-42, CH-45L, CH-45, CH-51L, CH-51, MX 580 SC, MX 580, Angler 15, MX 780 SC, MX 780, Osprey 17, Angler 17, Eagle 17, Super Sea Hawk 19, Super Sea; CHW - CHW 45L, CHW 51L; Alaskan - Alaskan/Baja 15, Alaskan/Baja 17; Ocean - Ocean 20, Ocean 22.


Gregor continues to focus on high-quality methods of construction. The solid construction afforded by the welding process produces a hull that lasts many years, even through multiple owners. Often, enthusiasts are able to rebuild older Gregor hulls with new components, allowing for a variety of customization. Gregor’s focus on aluminum construction enables the company to build aluminum boats to exacting specifications that will satisfy even selective customers.

Popular Gregor Boat Models
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