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Hewescraft boats are built with all-welded heavy-gauge aluminum. They are categorized as multi-species fishing boats, but they are versatile and can be used for more than fishing alone. Hewescraft offers small fishing skiffs, such as the Open Fisherman models, larger jet boats, such as the Sport Jet models, mid-size cruisers, such as the Sea Runner models, and boats for wider ocean water use, such as the Ocean Pro, Alaskan, and Pacific Sport models.

Hewescraft boats are especially popular in the Northwest, around the Great Lakes, and in Alaska. The company is a family-owned business, started by two brothers and still managed by the next generation.


New models start at $3,000, while used models are available from $13,000 to $70,000.


  • Buyers have reported the customer service department to be helpful.
  • Multiple model types allow each owner to find a boat for just the use they want, whether it’s a small fishing skiff, a jet boat, a lake or ocean cruiser, or an ocean fishing boat.
  • Every boat is water-tested in the factory to ensure proper floatation, even when swamped.
  • Hewescraft’s all-welded aluminum hulls last longer than riveted or fiberglass hulls.


  • Additional features may not be included in the purchase price, adding extra expense.
  • Some owners report problems with the aft fuel tank’s functionality.

Featured Models

160 Open Fisherman

180 SJ

180 Open Fisherman

200 SJ

200 Sea Runner HT

180 Sea Runner ET

200 Open Fisherman

220 Sea Runner

220 Sea Runner HT

200 Sea Runner ET HT

200 Ocean Pro HT

200 Ocean Pro

200 Pacific Sport

240 Alaskan

240 Pacific Cruiser

220 Sea Runner ET

220 Sea Runner ET HT

200 Ocean Pro

220 Ocean Pro HT

220 Pacific Sport

220 Pacific Cruiser

260 Alaskan

260 Pacific Cruiser

160 Sportsman

180 Sea Runner

180 SM

200 SM


Hewescraft, a favorite among Alaskan fisherman, has built a name on its customer service and quality standards. The variety of models and extra features available enable buyers to tailor their boat to its intended purpose, whether it be fishing or fun.

Popular Hewescraft Boat Models
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