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Hurricane Deck boats are recreational craft excellent for buyers who plan to use their boat for social outings, since the boat allows seating area for up to 14 people. Hurricane Deck boats are fast and easy to handle, making them well-suited for waterskiing, other aquatic activities, or leisure cruises.

Hurricane Deck Boats is a part of Nautic Global Group, which also produces Godfrey Marine pontoon boats, Polar Kraft aluminum fishing boats, Rinker Cruisers and Sport Boats, and Atlantic Fiberglass Fishing Boats.


New models are available in the range of $20,000 to $60,000. Used models can be found for as low as $10,000, with much older boats available for less.


  • Hurricane Deck boats are an exellent choice for those who intend to use their boat for recreational outings. They can be used for relaxing or for more active pursuits, such as waterskiing and wakeboarding.
  • Hurricane has three models to suit different needs. Buyers can choose a sundeck, sundeck sport, or fundeck boat.
  • These boats have easy access for those with handicaps.


  • Due to the current economy, Hurricane Boat dealers may be difficult to find. Hurricane cannot guarantee boats that are sold as-is or outside a dealer.

Featured Models

The Hurricane Deck Boat SD 217 OB is 20 feet 9 inches in length. The draft is1 foot 2 inches, and the beam is 8 feet 5 inches. The fuel tank capacity is 52, maximum load is 2212, and dry weight is 2630.

The Hurricane Deck Boat 2200 OB is 21 feet 8 inches with a draft of one foot 2 inches. The beam is 8 feet 5 inches, fuel tank capacity is 60, and dry weight is 3409.

The Hurricane Deck Boat 237 OB is 23 feet 2 inches with a draft of 1 foot 2 inches. The beam is 8 feet 5 inches, fuel tank capacity is 61, maximum load is 2300, and dry weight is 3010.

The Hurricane Deck Boat 2600 IO is 26 feet 8 inches, draft is 1 foot 10 inches, beam is 8 feet 5 inches, fuel tank capacity is 77, and dry weight is 5286.


Hurricane Deck Boats is a good option for those considering a smaller recreational boat. A variety of models are available, and special sales events can make the purchase more affordable.

Popular Hurricane Deck Boat Models
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