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< h2>Summary Livingston Boats, founded in 1967, uses recent advances in fiberglass technology to hand-build their boats. All of their crafts are modeled on a catamaran hull design. According to their advertisements, their dinghies currently surpass all others on the market. Livingston dinghies offer a dry ride, have a large interior space, and allow passengers to walk in them without tipping the boat. They are known to plane well and, because of flotation in their seats, they are less likely to sink than other leading models. Unlike the difficulties of rowing in many other dinghies, due to the placement of the oars in Livingston b oats, rowing is easier and even enjoyable to many customers . Livingston offers a variety of sizes which can be used as, among other things, fishing boats, pleasure crafts, or tender s for yacht s . Livingston boats are generally priced between $2,000 and $6,000, depending on the model and size. Pros Livingston Boats has been in business since 1967 . As of a recent publication, they’ ve sold 75,000 boats . Boats have large interior space . Boats are not likely to sink . Cons Livingston Boats produces a limited product line . Featured Models Power Catamaran: Model 7.5, Model 9, Model 10, Model 12c, Model 12t, Model 14, Model 15.5, Model 18.5. Conclusion Livingston Boats offers a basic, minimalist line of dinghies. These dinghies can serve a variety of purposes. Whether you want a boat to fish in, a boat for pleasure, or a boat to use as tender for a yacht, Livingston claims their boats will work for you. Livingston may be the perfect choice for those looking for basic dinghies at affordable prices, however all customer should do further research and comparison pricing before reaching a decision.
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