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Misty Harbor Boats claims a single-minded desire to deliver the best quality boats possible in their primary offerings of luxury pontoon boats and aluminum fishing boats.

Having been in business since 1990, Misty Harbor Boats already has an extensive catalogue of models, encompassing both pontoons and smaller fishing craft. Manufactured in Fort Dodge, Iowa, by the KEVCON Corporation, the boats now have branched into two separate product lines, with the Ultracraft brand reserved for smaller, aluminum fishing boats.


Misty Harbor Boats are generally priced from $13,000 to $40,000, depending on the exact model and size.


  • Misty Harbor Boats manufactures both pontoons and fishing boats, with multiple purposes in mind.
  • The official website is professional and easy to navigate, making specific product information easy to find.


  • Misty Harbor Boats is a relatively young company.
  • They have only produced fishing boats since 1996.
  • Those wanting a product outside the scope of a fishing or pontoon boat will need to look elsewhere.

Featured Models

Jon: 1031, 1231, 12 D'Lite, 14 D'Lite, 16 Canadian, 1754MV Mod Vee, 1860MV Mod Vee, 2070MV Mod Vee. Pontoon: 1460FS Explorer Compact, 1680EC Explorer Compact, 1680FS Explorer Compact, 1880RE Explorer Cruiser, 1880CF Explorer Fishing, 2085CC Adventure Cruiser, 2080EF Explorer Fishing, 2085CF Adventure Fishing, 2085CR Adventure Cruiser, 2080RE Explorer Cruiser, 2085CP Adventure Cruiser, 2085DF Royale Fishing, 2085DR Royale Cruiser, 2285DR Royale Cruiser, 2285DF Royale Fishing, 2285RF Royale Cruiser. ST: 2085GM Grand Mistique, 2285GM Grand Mistique, 2585GM Grand Mistique. Multi-Species Fishing: Trophy 166W. Voyager: Voyager 14CT, Voyager 16 CC, Voyager 16CT. Stealth: 160C Stealth, 160T Stealth, 169C Stealth, 169W Stealth, 178W Stealth. Trophy: Trophy 166T, Trophy 166C.


Misty Harbor Boats produces a variety of apparently high quality models, and their marketing and customer service divisions are polished and professional. This should make any potential purchase decision easier due to the openness and eagerness with which the company handles new customers.

Popular Misty Harbor Boat Models
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