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In business since 1959, MonArk Boats specializes in fishing and pontoon boats. Claiming over four generations of satisfied customers attests to their boats' reputation for high quality and excellent workmanship. MonArk target their boats to those wishing to escape from the hurry and scurry of modern technologically-driven life, those wanting to return to a simpler life.

Now marketed as the Starweld line from Starcraft Marine, the company is based out of New Paris, Indiana.


Prices of newer models of MonArk boats can be found to start at $25,000 and up, depending on the model and size. Older and used models can also be found online ranging in price from $1,500 to $17,000.


  • MonArk Boats claims their boats will remain leak-proof for a lifetime.
  • MonArk Boats has an extensive line of fishing boats and pontoon boats.
  • The company claims to lead the way in the production of aluminum welded pontoons and fishing boats.


  • It appears that MonArk Boats only offers pontoons and aluminum fishing boats.

Featured Models

Jon: 1232 Jon, 1448 Jon, 1436 Jon, SF14 S SS, SF16 TS L, SF16 C LW, 1686 Rouge, 1886 Rouge. Jon: 1032 Jon, 1432 Jon. S: SL12, SF14 TS S, SF14 S, SF14L SS, SF16L SS, SF16 C. L: SL 14, SF14 L, SF14 TS L, SF14 L WL. Jon: 1648 Jon. Multi-Species Fishing: FS 1401 DLX SC, FS 1601 TL SC, FS 1601 DLX SC, Scorpion 1601, Scorpion 1602, Signature 1601. Tiller: 1400, FS 1400 DLX T, FS 1400 TL, FS 1600 DLX T, FS 1600 TL, FS 1600. Pontoon: Fantasy 140, Fantasy 200 RE CR Fish, Fantasy 200 CR, Fantasy 200 4 Point Fish, Sun Spa 200 RE CR, Seville 206, Sun Caster 200 CR 4 Point, Seville 226, Seville 226 RE CR Camper, Sun Spa 220 RE CR, Sport 226 RE CR, Signature Fish 227 CR, Seville 226 RE CR Weekender, Signature Fish 227 RE CR, Signature Fish 246 CR, Sun Spa 240 RE CR, Seville 246, Seville 246 CR Weekender, Seville 246 CR Camper, Signature Fish 246 RE CR, Sun Caster 240 CR 4 Point. S: Fantasy 180 RE, Fantasy 180 RE Fish, Fantasy 200 RE CR. Fantasy: Fantasy 180, Fantasy 200. L: Seville 206 RE, Seville 206 CR, Seville 206 RE CR, Seville 226 RE CR, Seville 226 CR, Seville 226 RE, Seville 246 RE CR, Seville 246 RE, Seville 246 CR. Dual Console: King 165, Sport 1602, Sport 1702 Super Sport, Sport 1702, King 175, King 185, King 195, Sport 1902.


With its focus on simplicity and practicality, MonArk Boats will probably appeal to many boaters interested in a back-to-basics boat. Fishers and pleasure boaters may both find something to like about MonArk.

Popular Monark Boat Models
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