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NauticStar Boats have at least two primary features that set their crafts aside from other boats. First, their boats ride high, allowing them to run faster on a lower horsepower than most boats. Second, bay and offshore boats have an “All Composite Construction,” meaning that their boats contain no wood to decay or warp.

The NauticStar 206 has additional points in its favor, including its ability to carry ten passengers. In addition to roominess and performance, the MerCruiser is aesthetically pleasing, unlike many other deck boats.

NauticStar offers offshore and bay boats designs, as well as deck boats. Information on all their boats is available at their official website, through a dealer, or by contacting the company itself.


New NauticStar boats are generally priced between $25,000 and $35,000, depending on the model and size.


  • NauticStar boats have an “All Composite Construction,” with no wood to rot away.
  • The NauticStar 206 can carry up to 10 passengers.
  • NauticStar boats are designed for visual pleasure as well as technical superiority.
  • The company has an informative official website.


  • The all-composite construction refers to only bay and offshore boats.
  • Like many boats of this sort, the deck boats offered by NauticStar do well in calm waters, but performance may not be as ideal in rough waters.

Featured Models

Bay: 1810 NauticBay, 1910 Nautic Bay, 2200 Tournament, 2400 Tournament. NauticBay: 2110 NauticBay. Center Console: 1900 Sport, 2000 Sport Offshore, 2200 Offshore. Deck: 205 DC O/B, 205 SC O/B, 210 SC O/B, 210 DC O/B, 222 SC I/O, 222 DC I/O, 230 DC O/B, 232 DC I/O, 232 SC I/O, 252 SL I/O Sport Deck. Dual Console: 2000 DC Offshore.


Current owners of NauticStar boats praise the superiority in design, speed, and beauty, although the company is still building its reputation.

Popular Nauticstar Boat Models
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