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In business for over three decades, Nitro Boats produces sport fishing boats. Their initial design, Bass Tracker, jumpstarted their production by creating a new industry. Today Nitro is owned by the Tracker Marine Group, which produces nearly every kind of boat in the market.

Nitro Boat has non-negotiable prices. While this fact could seem like a drawback, Nitro claims a point in their favor: While many companies raise their prices to account for negotiation, Nitro realistically prices their crafts at the lowest price possible, cutting out both the needless haggling and the chance that buyers will end up spending too much money.

All Nitro boats come with a specially designed, anti-corrosion, Galva-Shield protected trailer, which are also all-welded and zinc-coated. The trailers also offer extra support for boats by having full-length bunks. High-quality, padded, marine-grade carpet helps keep the boats from damage or discoloration. All trailers have brakes specially designed for the regulations enforced in a specific boater’s area. More information on these trailers and their features can be found either online or through a Nitro dealer.

Nitro boats themselves, according to Nitro boats, live up to the superiority of their trailers. Many career tournament fishers use these boats in competitions. In fact, the company pays many professional owners of their boats for using them in competitions. Use of their crafts is not limited to professionals, however-- Nitro boats suit both weekend pleasure fishers and serious anglers alike.


New Nitro Boats are generally priced between $30,000 and $50,000, depending on the model and size.


  • Each boat comes with a Galva-Shield protected trailer.
  • The company has an easy-to-find website.
  • The Nitro Boats website offers extensive product information on their individual models.
  • Nitro offers an extensive line of fishing boats.


  • Nitro offers a wide variety of fishing boats, but their product line outside of this market may be limited.

Featured Models

Bass: X-4, X-5, Z-7, Z-9, Z-9 CDC. Sport: 189 Sport. Sport: 288 Sport. Fish and Ski: 290 Sport.


Nitro’s extensive line of fishing boats appears to be both well-designed and carefully researched. The consistent emphasis of Nitro Boats on fishing boats implies a real excellence in that area. The company website even offers extensive technical information on their boats, giving serious boaters a chance to do their own research. Those considering buying a Nitro boat should take advantage of both this website and Nitro dealers and owners to see if Nitro Boats can provide for their needs.

Popular Nitro Boat Models
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