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Panga Boats are manufactured in Sarasota, Florida by Panga Marine, an American firm established in 2001 with an appreciation for the panga, or South American skiff, style of boat during his travels in the Yucatan.

The relatively flat bottom combined with an elevated engine location makes the boats usable in shallow water, making these rugged boats the norm for guides who rely upon them in all types of situations. Panga Boats takes that durable functionality and adds features that appeal to American anglers; like other boats built on the panga design, these boats tout peak performance with low fuel consumption, which is made possible by the thin and comparatively lightweight design.

Panga Boats markets its craft as being fully customizable, from a particular color of paint to the very smallest deck detail, so that the customer gets the precise boat he or she wants. The tradeoff for that specificity is a fully personalized manufacturing approach that may translate into a delivery time of approximately 6 weeks.


New Pangas are generally priced around $30,000 and up, depending on the model and size. Used Pangas vary in price from around $4,000 for the smaller models, to between $10,000 and $20,000 for some of the larger models.


  • Unlike many panga-style craft, Panga Boats are made in the United States.
  • The manufacturer’s website provides educational and detailed information about both general and specific boat construction techniques in a clear and concise manner.
  • The manufacturer provides a ten-year warranty on parts and labor, along with a lifetime no-rot warranty on the boat.

Popular Panga Boat Models

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