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Sea Hunt Boats, located in Columbia, SC, began its business with a father-son team that grew into a high-quality boating company. Sea Hunt offers center consoles, dual consoles and skiffs, which range from small 18-footers to a 30-foot sports boat. The company caters to buyers seeking luxury craft and fishermen looking for reliability.


New Sea Hunt boats can cost between $35,000 and $100,000. Used models typically start near $17,000.


  • Sea Hunt boats are affordable, especially as compared to competing craft in their size.
  • The company manufactures boats with extra width to reduce the “rock-n-roll” effect which can occur when one moves around the boat. Sea Hunt also guarantees floor durability with a material called Aircell. Further, the engineers infuse the boat with foam to lessen noise and create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Sea Hunt models are versatile. Whether one wants to waterski, deep sea fish or relax, the craft are an excellent choice.
  • The company offers a 10-year hull warranty to protect the owner from any accidental mishaps.


  • Sea Hunt models with cabins below deck can feel small. In the cabin, a 6-foot man would struggle walking upright. Other models have room for only three or four people, making them a poor choice for entertaining large groups.
  • Although some Sea Hunt boats include a cover over the cockpit, the minimal protection won’t prevent one from being drenched in a thunderstorm.

Featured Models

Center Console: Triton 177, Ultra 186, BX19, Ultra 196, BX21 Pro, Triton 207, Ultra 210, Gamefish 22, BX22, Ultra 232, BX24, Gamefish 24, Gamefish 26, Gamefish 30; Triton: Triton 186, Triton 202, Triton 220, BX, BX 22T; Dual Console: Escape 186 LE, Escape 200 LE, Victory 207, Escape 220 LE, Victory 245; Victory: Victory 225; Skiff:Skiff 21


Sea Hunt offers versatile, reliable models at affordable prices, best suited for buyers looking to travel recreationally or fish with small parties. In addition to durability features, the craft come with a 10-year hull warranty.

Popular Sea Hunt Boat Models
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