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SeaArk Boats began building riveted aluminum boats in 1959 under the leadership of Zach McClendon, Sr., Zach McClendon, Jr., and Norris Judkins. Since that time, the company has expanded its product line considerably and offers both pleasure boats and commercial boats to a wide customer base.

The commercial division of SeaArk Boats services clients such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Marine Corps, oil companies, law enforcement agencies, fish and wildlife departments, and a variety of government agencies in the United States and abroad.

SeaArk Boats, Inc., which produces the line of pleasure boats, offers welded and fiberglass boats for sports fishing and recreation, including bass boats, tunnel hulls, duck boats, and jet boats.


New SeaArk boats can range from $20,000 up to $100,000 depending on the model. Used boats start at roughly $12,000.


  • The company produces a wide variety of boat styles and types, making them a good choice for a variety of buyers.
  • Customers have many customizations options when choosing a boat, allowing them to tailor their craft to their needs.
  • SeaArk Boats offers quick, personalized customer service to each buyer.


  • Some of the boats are expensive, so shoppers on a budget will have a more limited range of options.

Featured Models

2009 Jon: 1448FN, 1448MV, 1542MV, 1648MV, 1660MVJT, 1660MV, 1652MVT, 1660MVT, 1648FN, 1652MV, 1872MV, 1860MVT, 1872MVT, 2072MV, 2072MVT, 2272MV, 2472MV, 2472MVT; Multi-Species Fishing: 1542SLD, 1548SLD, 1542DKLD, Cast & Blast 150, 1548DKLD, 1652SLD, 1660MVT Rescue, 1652DKLD, X160 SC, X160 CC, X176 SC, X176 CC, XV180 CC, 1872SS, 1860SLD, XV180 SC, Easy 200, 2072SS, 2072 C.U.B., 2072 V-Pro SC, Predator 200FXCC, Predator 200AK, Predator 200FX, Predator 200AKCC, Predator 220AKCC, 2472 C.U.B., Big Easy, 2472 V-Pro SC, 2472SS; Flats: 1652MVT, 1660MVT, 1860TPCC, Coastal 200 SC, 2072 Pro SC, Coastal CL200 SC, RiverCat 200 SC, 2472 Pro SC, 1872 Pro SC, Rebel 15, Forecast 156, Forecast 170 C; Center Console: 1652MVJT, 1872JTPCC, 1872MVT, 1860MVJT, 1860MVT, 1860JTPLDCC, 1860JTPCC, 1872MVJT, 1872 Pro CC, 1872TPCC, 2072TPCC, 2072 Pro CC, 2072JTPCC, Coastal 200 CC, Coastal V200 CC, BayRunner MVJT, 2072MVT, 2072MVJT, BayFisher MVJT, 2072 V-Pro CC, RiverCat CX200 CC, Coastal CL200 CC, RiverCat 200 CC, V-Cat (CC), 2472MVJT, 2472 Pro CC, 2472 JTPCC, Big Daddy (SC), 2472 TPCC, Coastal V240 CC, 2472MVT, 2472 V-Pro CC, 1860VPLD, 1860VPLDCC, BayFisher MVT; Bass: Stealth 172, Stealth 186, Skiff: Coastal V200 CC; Bay: BayFisher MVJT, BaySport, BayRunner MVJT, BayFisher MVT, BayFisher, BayRunner, BayMaster; Dual Console: V-Cat (SC), RiverCat CX200 SC, Big Daddy CC, ProCat 240, Coastal V240 SC

2010: Stealth 172


With the variety of styles and models offered by SeaArk Boats, most buyers will be able to find a boat that meets their expectations and that will serve them well for many years. The company has a long history of providing reliable, serviceable boats to private and commercial clients both in the United States and around the world. They are a good choice for buyers seeking sports fishing or recreation craft. Their employees bring knowledge and commitment to craftsmanship to each project they work on, and as a result, the buyer can be confident that he is receiving a quality, high-performance boat backed by industry experts.

Popular Seaark Boat Models
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