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SunChaser pontoon boats is part of the Smoker Craft family of companies. Headquartered in New Paris, Indiana, the family-owned Smoker Craft company has produced boats since 1961. The company focuses on delivering a quality product and good service at an affordable price. SuncChaser boats a ride "so much fun to drive you'll wish the ride would never end."

Rounded bows, comfortable seats, durable carpeting, and boater-friendly storage areas are common SunChaser features and are part of the company’s mission—“to provide the best value on the water.” Most owners agree that the SunChaser boats offer comfort and convenience options that appeal to a family, while offering functionality and good looks that make them a pleasure to drive.


Two new models for 2010—DS 20 and DS 22—are shown on the manufacturer’s website with suggested retail prices that start at $13,995 and $14,995, respectively. Other lines sell for the mid $20ks used, so pricing really depends upon the model. Specific prices that include available options are procurable through a dealer.


  • The manufacturer website provides single-screen, comparative top views of all boats in each line so that customers can visualize size, layout and feature differences.
  • SunChaser pontoons are less expensive than some other pontoon boats.
  • The helm is designed ergonomically.
  • An extensive line of dealers is available throughout the United States and Canada.


  • Lack of testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • A map of all Canadian dealerships is available for customers in Canada, but a similar nationwide map of dealers is not available for customers in America.
  • Some high-end features are not available from this firm.
  • Neither warranty nor specific price information is available online, but is available only through authorized SunChaser dealers.

Featured Models

SunChaser pontoons come in three lines—the Cruise line, the Fish line and the Four Point Fish line. Standard models are 814, 818, 820, 824, 8520, 8522 and 8524. All models are available as cruisers. Five are available in the Fish line. The Four Point line has only four models—the 820, 824, 8520 and 8524.

Cruiser models focus on family activities such as swimming, tubing and relaxing. Their features are designed with an eye for comfort as well as functionality in a group setting. Four Point models focus on the fisherman who, at least occasionally, gets a serious case of fishing fever that can be cured only by a day of non-stop fishing. The four boats in this line have angler-friendly features such as large, live-wells, lots of storage space for gear and tackle, comfortable fishing seats and lower rails that allow better access to the water. Models in the Fish line combine amenities from both the Cruiser and Four Point lines to provide an all-around pontoon boat suitable for a variety of activities.


SunChaser pontoons offer an attractive alternative for the customer who desires the fun, family-oriented flexibility of a pontoon boat without the high price tag sometimes associated with luxury models of this type. Providing three lines, each with several models and options, gives customers lots of leeway regarding what will meet both their desires and their budgets.

Popular Sunchaser Pontoon Boat Models
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