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Sweetwater Pontoon Boats is owned by Godfrey Marine which was founded in 1903, and incorporated in 1919. Headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, Godfrey is the largest maker of pontoon boats in the United States, and enjoys a solid reputation among their customers and their competitors in the industry. Both Sweetwater and Godfrey Marine are part of the Nautic Global Group.

Sweetwater pontoon boats are available in a wide variety of sizes and have many available optional features for you to choose from. Godfrey Marine refers to its Sweetwater lines as "value-packed." There are many different ways to enjoy yourself with your boat; standard and optional entertainment equipment is available. The consensus among boat owner is that these pontoons are good for cruising, fishing, and just relaxing and having fun. Most owners also agree that the boats are well built and long lasting, but that if you do need customer service, Godfrey does a good job.


Recent used and new Sweetwater pontoon boats range from the high teens to the low 30s.


  • These pontoon boats are available in sizes from 17-26 feet long.
  • Sweetwater boats have a wide variety of standard options included with every model.
  • If you want to fish, several optional fishing accessories are available for these boats.
  • These boats are made for groups, with passenger capacities ranging from 7 to 15 people.


  • Sweetwater boats are for cruising, not speeding around the ocean. They do not pack as much speed as other boats.
  • If you plan to pull any skiers, you will need to consider the extra power that this requires and choose your boat model and options accordingly.
  • Due to the economy, some dealers have been forced to close and liquidate their stock. These liquidated boats may not be covered by the usual warranty.

Featured Models

The six main cruising models offered by Sweetwater Boats include the 1780, 1986, 2186, 2386, 2386 DC, and 2586.


Pontoon boats are becoming increasingly popular because they allow groups to cruise casually, and they facilitate parties on board. Sweetwater boats offer a long list of standard features that can help you get your floating party going.

Popular Sweetwater Boat Models
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